Our Committee

Under its Constitution, WLASA is required to have a committee of between 6 and 12 members.  Committee Members are elected in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution a copy of which may be downloaded here: 2013-WLASA-Constitution.pdf

Each year’s Annual Report provides a profile on Office Bearers and Committee Members.

Click here view our current committee members.

Appointment of Committee Members

Not less than 7 days prior to each year’s AGM the Secretary distributes to Members an invitation to nominate for office bearer or committee member positions.

Should more nominations than positions be received a ballot is held.  On these occasions, the Secretary will call for nominees to provide information about their background, skills and knowledge and why they wish to join the Committee in order for Members to be able to make an informed decision when casting their ballot.

Responsibilities of Office Bearers

  • President – Chair committee meetings; media liaison; consultation with the State Attorney General, Chief Justice of the South Australian Supreme Court and other key stakeholders; representing the association at public and private events; correspondence.  Download a complete Role Description here: 2014_WLASA_President&Vice President Role Description
  • Vice-President – Supports the President in their duties
  • Secretary – Co-ordinate the AGM and Annual Report; co-ordinate Strategic Planning Day meetings; prepare Agenda and Minutes of committee meetings; maintain association records; liaise with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission; maintain Constitution. Download a complete Role Description here: 2014_WLASA_Secretary Role Description
  • Treasurer – Maintain accounting records; oversight of financial transactions; manage membership renewals and membership records; distribute information to membership. Download a complete Role Description here: 2016_WLASA_Role Description Treasurer

Members of the Committee also act as state representatives to the national body Australian Women Lawyers (AWL).

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • Attending meetings of the Committee
  • Appointment to Sub-committees
  • Coordinating events and CPD seminars
  • Speaking at events hosted by university law schools, CPD providers and other organisations
  • Researching and preparing law reform submissions
  • Liaising with other organisations
  • Promoting and supporting membership
  • Sourcing sponsorship

Responsibilities of Subcommittees

Each member of the committee is also assigned to at least one Subcommittee to enable efficient management of the work of WLASA.  The responsibilities of each Subcommittee is outlined in the Role Descriptions which can be downloaded by clicking the following links: