Charter for the Advancement of Women in the South Australian Legal Profession

The Women Lawyers Association of South Australia has developed a Charter for the Advancement of Women in the South Australian Legal Profession (which can be accessed here). 

The purpose of the Charter is to ensure that female lawyers in the South Australian legal industry are afforded as much opportunity in their careers as their male counterparts.  Any signatory to the Charter is committing to ensuring that female lawyers within their organisations are provided with equal opportunity and inclusive workplace cultures.  This will, in turn, favourably impact on all members of the organisation and result in a positive business reputation for the signatory, as well as the South Australian legal profession as a whole.  The purpose of the Charter is to generate genuine structural and cultural change across the legal workforce and provide meaningful action to redress sexism and gender inequity across the profession.

The Charter is accompanied by a set of Guidelines which can be accessed here.  The Guidelines provide some examples of practices designed to help law practices fulfil the Charter commitments in respect of women in the profession.

To read more about the purpose and objectives underpinning the Charter and Guidelines please read our President’s Report for May (which can be accessed here).

The Charter will be formally launched at an event in August 2019. Further details of the event will follow shortly.

If your firm or organisation would like to hear more about becoming a signatory, please contact our President at