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AWL Patron Chief Justice Bryant with AWL past President Kate Ashmor


The Women Lawyers’ Association of South Australia Inc (WLASA) is the South Australian branch of Australian Women Lawyers (AWL) and was incorporated on 28 July 1998.  WLASA was originally formed by the women who comprised the Women Lawyers Committee of the Law Society of South Australia (WLC) and many of WLASA’s current committee members continue that tradition by also holding a position on the WLC.

WLASA was founded with a number of objectives in mind.  Our aim is to promote justice and equality for all women and we are committed to improving the career prospects for women within the legal profession.  WLASA also prepares comments and submissions on issues relevant to women and law, maintains a professional and social network for women lawyers and lobbies on behalf of women in the law. Our members come from all sectors of the legal profession – private practice, the public sector, courts, universities, the judiciary and women not currently practising.  Our members also include South Australian law firms and organisations which employ lawyers.

Objects of the Association

  • To achieve justice and equality for all women
  • To further the understanding and support of the legal rights of women
  • To identify, highlight and eradicate discrimination against women inherent in the legal system and in the community generally
  • To advance equality for women in the legal profession
  • To create and enhance awareness of women’s contribution to the practice and development of the law
  • To make recommendations or submissions on law reform
  • To provide a professional and social network for women lawyers
  • To do all such other things as may be incidental to the attainment of such objects
  • Any other objects as the Association in General Meeting may decide.

Mission Statement

Fostering equality and justice in the legal profession and the general community and championing the recognition of women lawyers and supporting them to achieve their full potential

Activities of the Association

  • Consultation with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the State Attorney General on the appointment of senior counsel and the judiciary in South Australia
  • Making submissions on proposed law reforms which affect women and impact upon the broader justice arena
  • Organising regular social and networking events, to provide women with legal backgrounds and women practising in the profession the opportunity to develop valuable contacts and meet like minded professionals
  • Organising continuing professional development seminars, career seminars and information sessions for lawyers and law students